ERASE 600ml spray graffiti removal for

1.800 kr.

Highly-concentrated aerosol designed to remove unsightly marks from restroom walls, signs, phone booths, and other vandalized public areas. Use on brick, ceramic tile, glass, porcelain, marble, granite, aluminum, steel, brass, chrome, and many other surfaces. Contains a combination of aromatic, chlorinated and oxygenated solvents, penetrants and emulsifiers. Especially effective on spray-paint graffiti.

  • More effective against a wide variety of vandal marking materials than any single solvent.
  • Quickly removes the most stubborn marks and stains including spray paint, ballpoint pen, felt marker, pencil, lipstick, inks, adhesives, crayon, etc.
  • Works quickly. Reduces the frequency of repainting, refinishing, and reupholstering (vinyl). All but eliminates the need for expensive and erosive sandblasting.
  • Handy aerosol form is easy to use. Simply spray and wipe. No mixing, measuring, or waste. Saves time and labor.
  • Will not affect brick, ceramic, glass, concrete, metal, vinyl, Formica, and many other surfaces within normal contact times. Test for damage before using on plastics and paints.

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